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VoiceFirst Launchpad is a wayfinding guide that helps orient you to the ever expanding field of voice-enabled technology and the rapidly growing VoiceFirst community. It's like a curated site-map of the VoiceFirst ecosystem.

This guide was created by members of the VoiceFirst community to help you gain the knowledge, skills and connections needed to become an active member of the VoiceFirst community. Every one of us was new to VoiceFirst at some point, and so we understand the significant effort it takes just to get a basic understanding of VoiceFirst concepts, platforms, resources, community, and more. We hope this guide helps make that process much easier.

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What is VoiceFirst?

The term "Voice First" was coined by Brian Roemmele, but is also referred to as "Voice-First" and "VoiceFirst." The #VoiceFirst hashtag is the most popular hashtag within the community.

According to Brian, "the term 'Voice First' was invented to express a new direction in computing that takes advantage of the primary human API, the voice. Voice First interaction is an AI driven ambient system computer user interface that has two fundamental components: input and output. Voice First input and interaction via voice commands and conversation. Voice First output representations and conversations. This is an augmented audio system that can be tightly integrated screen displays but may not be necessary for most applications. The premise of Voice First is to liberate the user from the full attention (cognitive load and mechanical load) required by the screen first / keyboard first environment of the last computer age." For more details, see Brian's answer to "What does voice first mean?" on Quora.

In other words, devices are considered to be Voice-First when the primary interface between the user and the device is voice commands. Varieties of Voice-First include Voice-Only, Multimodal and Voice-Overlay. To learn more, click on the "VoiceFirst Lingo" link below.

Learn About VoiceFirst

The following resources were compiled to help you learn more about VoiceFirst concepts, devices, platforms, the community and more.

Build VoiceFirst Apps

The following resources were compiled to help you learn more about building your own VoiceFirst apps.

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