Development & Content Tools


Voiceflow makes it easy to build Alexa skills without coding. Used by thousands of individuals and businesses, Voiceflow's easy to use drag and drop tool allows anyone to design, prototype, and build powerful Alexa skills without writing a line of code.


Voicehub is a content management and analytics platform for voice based apps. In its core, Voicehub lets you manage the content your voice apps sends out to your users, and combines it with extensive analytical features.


Jargon enables voice applications on services like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to structure, manage, and optimize their content. Jargon's Voice Conversation Platform enables skill developers to structure and manage multimodal and multilingual content, and provides access to localization services to bring skills to new markets.


Jovo is the most popular open-source development framework for professionals to build Alexa Skills and multimodal apps.

Dialogflow by Google

Dialogflow is an end-to-end, build-once deploy-everywhere development suite for creating conversational interfaces for websites, mobile applications, popular messaging platforms, and IoT devices. You can use it to build interfaces (such as chatbots and conversational IVR) that enable natural and rich interactions between your users and your business. Dialogflow Enterprise Edition users have access to Google Cloud Support and a service level agreement (SLA) for production deployments.

Plato Research Dialogue System by Uber

The Plato Research Dialogue System is a flexible framework that can be used to create, train, and evaluate conversational AI agents in various environments. It supports interactions through speech, text, or dialogue acts and each conversational agent can interact with data, human users, or other conversational agents (in a multi-agent setting). Every component of every agent can be trained independently online or offline and Plato provides an easy way of wrapping around virtually any existing model, as long as Plato's interface is adhered to.
Introducing the Plato Research Dialogue System: A Flexible Conversational AI Platform

Alexa Skill Building Cookbook

A series of sample code projects to be used for educational purposes during Alexa hackathons and workshops, and as a reference for tutorials and blog posts.

Speech Markdown

Text-to-speech formatting for content authors, designers, and developers. Converts to SSML while handling inconsistencies across Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant.

Alexa Presentation Language (APL)

Transition Library for APL Collection of transitions for APL components implemented with AnimateItem
Simple web based tool to convert SVG to AVG
Adobe Illustrator Extension to convert any vector file to AVG
Inkscape extension to convert any supported vector file to AVG