Testing Tools

Manual Testing

Echosim The Amazon Echo Simulator (Echosim.io) is a browser-based interface to Alexa, the cloud-based voice assistant that powers the Echo. Echosim.io is intended to allow developers who are working with the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) to test skills in development. While Echosim.io allows you to interact with Alexa, it is not a substitute for Alexa-enabled devices, like the Amazon Echo. For example, Echosim.io does not stream music or support far-field voice recognition. Amazon Echo Simulator is provided and hosted by iQuarius Media.
Reverb Use Alexa wherever you are. Reverb connects to Amazon Alexa web services and works on macOS, in your browser or on your tablet or phone. The Rain Agency provides reverb.us as a free service to the public and Web site owners.
Reverb is a product that uses the Amazon Alexa web services.

Automated Testing

Bespoken Testing, monitoring, and development software tools to meet the unique needs of building and maintaining high-quality voice applications.
Test Flow Testflow is a command-line testing tool for Alexa skill code that simulates multi turn conversations, allows interactive inputs, and provides concise, colorful output.
The Alexa evangelist team built a simulation tool called TestFlow to streamline skill debugging and testing. You can use the tool to test your skill code without needing to package or deploy your project. TestFlow is a lightweight, command-line dialog simulator. It displays and maintains the details of a mock skill session. Whenever you want to run a test, you just Alt-Tab to a command prompt, run TestFlow, review results, and then Alt-Tab right back to developing.

User Testing

Pulse Labs Pulse Labs is the world's premier voice assistant user research and testing company. Through our platform and user panel, designers and developers of voice applications can gain access to unprecedented levels of data and actionable insights around how real people interact with voice applications.
Applause Launching a successful Alexa skill is dependent on an infinite number of variables–from user accents to background noise. The complex and connected nature of voice can only be tested with native speakers and real devices.
DefinedCrowd DefinedCrowd provides a smart data acquisition, testing and enrichment platform that enables you to reach multilingual audiences for your Alexa Skills.
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