This is a list of agencies we've found that look interesting, but we are not recommending or endorsing every one of them. That being said, we''ll do our best to remove any agencies that should be removed. If you are an agency and want to be added to this list, please contact us.

Agency Directories


We are a great mix of strategists, designers, developers, copywriters, product owners and agile coaches. Driven by our love for digital products, we create seamless and future-oriented user experiences. Our creative agile teams bring together more than 20 bright minds from diverse backgrounds. We unlock the potential of your brand with mobile apps, sites, bots, conversational interfaces and artificial intelligence. At aFrogleap, we shape your future customer interactions.

Amplifi Media

Amplifi Media advises media companies, brands and podcasters defining, strategizing, creating and monetizing "voice first" initiatives for podcast, smart speaker and original branded content.


Arrovox strategizes, develops and optimizes voice and audio content, including voice apps, podcasts & radio commercials. Our emphasis is on establishing the optimal voice for your brand, developing engaging content and writing dialogs that will resonate with your audience and persuade them towards your business goals.

Banter Technology

Banter designs, develops & deploys conversational applications for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & beyond.


Our team of voice technology experts help your brand or business to build voice first content and voice applications. We can manage your flash briefings, build custom skills or actions and even provide consultancy to your team.

Bluefin Technology Partners

Bluefin Technology Partners helps companies navigate the complexities of developing today’s products and services. From voice implementation to IoT integration, we cover all aspects of the technological development sphere. Bluefin has a defined, Agile process of implementing projects and maintaining high quality products and services. With over 20 years of experience in the technology field, we have delivered applications to millions of consumers across the world and have worked with growth companies to those listed in the Fortune 500.

Boring Voice

We create engaging voice experiences for our customers, a faster, easier, or more delightful way of interacting with your brand. What do you want to create?

Creativity, Inc.

Creativity is a team of seasoned experts with 20 years of experience designing and developing products that delight our clients and their consumers. Our standard for reliable and rapid service, high quality, and groundbreaking innovation has made us the preferred development partner for toy, entertainment and technology companies globally.

Dabble Labs

Dabble Lab provides custom software development services. We’re available for hire on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Data Driven Design

A digital agency focusing on using data to drive digital marketing efforts for small businesses and mid-size companies, Data Driven Design leads the charge in building Alexa Skills, Alexa Flash Briefings and Google Actions for Small Businesses to connect with their target audiences and gain maximum efficiency and effectiveness beyond their marketing efforts. In addition to building custom voice skills for clients, Data Driven Design offers access to their own premium voice-based business intelligence dashboard "Ask Data Driven Design" to all clients. Ask Data Driven Design allows any businessperson to ask Alexa how their web traffic is doing, and even dig into eCommerce and Goal Completion data with top referral source attribution.


We are a social enterprise, passionate and focused on creating applications that are responsive to the human voice, applications for all kinds of businesses ranging from commerce, education, service etc. We specialize in customized Alexa Skill, conversational bots – “chatbots” Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly and Alexa integration with ServiceNow, Salesforce, Jira and other business applications. We are confident that our conversational interfaces will provide an engaging and optimal experience for your users boosting your business through this new touch point – voice.

Design Voice

We create voice controlled products & apps. Currently developing for Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby & Cortana (English & Spanish) Made in Mexico


We help entrepreneurs grow their audience with Amazon Alexa Skills. We give you a Flash Briefing or Podcast Skill. You raise your brand awareness.


We help brands and companies navigate the new Voice era.

FIRST Agency

We are a team of specialists, focused on helping online businesses to grow by enhancing the online customer experience and by gaining deep customer insight. We do this through strategic analysis, personalization, ongoing testing, and through leveraging ‘best of breed’ technology partners.

Future of Voice

Future of Voice is a Consulting Agency for creating extraordinary voice experiences. As an Alexa Champion we offer great knowledge in building for Amazon devices, yet we also build passionately for Google Assistant, on-site chats and phonebots. Our voice CMS tool Parloa is designed to enable you to create better user experiences when designing conversational interactions. Build for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, on-site-chats and phonebots in one place.

Get Voice Agency

The Get Voice Agency create Voice Solutions for businesses and consumers.

Hi Mum! Said Dad

Hi Mum! Said Dad is a digital product and innovation consultancy. We understand what people value. Then, we build it. By uncovering the ground truth, we identify meaningful opportunities and create products that make a difference. Our focus is on shifting the needle on the metrics that matter. Hi Mum! Said Dad was born out of an ambition to use creativity, technical know-how and fundamental truths to break new ground and use digital to solve problems for people and businesses.

Magic + Co

Magic + Co. is the world's premiere voice agency. We create innovative voice and connected home experiences for your brand in a way that helps your business do more business on voice.
Organized in 2016, Magic & Co. has three business lines: voice assistants, custom voice hardware development, and voice media buying. We are passionately creative and innovative in a way that both impresses and gets results whether your goal is marketing, publicity or sales. Ultimately, we help develop a voice strategy and execute on that strategy to get you close, and more familiar to your customers both existing and new.


We design strategies and voice experiences that bring family, brands and community together. Building voice experiences across diverse segments, we are recognized experts for engaging the older adult audience, from the athletic to the care assisted. We combine market knowledge with deep expertise in emerging tech, UX, writing and design to craft premium voice experiences for health, wellness, finance or fun.


Mobiquity sees voice impacting all languages and cultures, making user engagement more natural than ever before. We’re empowering brands to find their voice and capitalize on the potential - even Amazon has recognized our expertise. Our Global Alexa Lab is home to voice-plus innovation. With a team of 50+, we bring together skill sets in voice user interface (VUI) design, copywriting, skills development, and marketing to put voice at the core of your digital experiences. Combined with the four building blocks of our lab - a proven Speakeasy framework, Voice Factory automation, home user testing, and an inspiration hub for envisioning a skill - we enable our clients to accelerate time to market for robust, connected solutions.


We're a team of voice designers and developers making it our mission to build the best voice apps for Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Games, productivity, health & fitness, kids - we build across all categories and hope to create something for everyone!


We help you speak your customers language to create effective digital marketing solutions.
Pragmatic is focused on digital strategy, user experience and content strategy for Voice, and working with VUI designers and developers to execute the vision for our clients.


We help clients win in the emerging conversational economy–from defining voice strategies and roadmaps to designing and deploying premium conversational experiences.

Red Fox Creative

RedFox Creative is a different type of agency. Sure, we focus on all of the basic stuff like digital, social, web, and content, but we also focus on something else. Technology. Over the past decade as technology has grown so has its integration with marketing tactics, strategies, and how people connect with brands.

Say it Now

Say it Now is the UK’s leading premium developer of Voice Assistants and Messenger Bots. We are specialists in Natural Language Processing, the sub-field of Artificial Intelligence that enables computers to process and analyse large amounts of natural language data.

Seaside Voice Apps

Seaside Voice Apps is a voice design company based in Carlsbad, California. Specializing in Voice User Interface (VUI) design since early 2018, our mission is to bring families together. Everyday, whether for work or play, our screens divide us from the ones we love. We want to help change this culture. Voice has the power to educate, entertain, and connect us through a unique shared experience. We recognize that life is short, so let's make the most of it.

Skilled Creative

A creative technology agency, building best in class voice experiences, and other emergent technologies for our partners. SKILLED solves our partners' creative and business challenges through strategy, emerging technologies, and by providing unmatched innovation agility. We are obsessive about finding the right creative technology solution for our clients.


SpokenLayer is the leading provider of voice content for virtual assistants and connected devices – Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and beyond.


StreamGuys is an industry-leading service provider of live and on-demand streaming, podcasting delivery, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) toolsets for enterprise-level broadcast media organizations. The company excels in developing and deploying technologies for business growth and revenue generation, including dynamic ad insertion, mobile streaming and detailed business and data analytics.


We build voice interaction into your hardware products. Our mission is to make human interaction with technology easy and natural. Technology should fade to the background and be invisible to us. We are your trusted partner in voice interaction and creating innovative hardware products.


Upside is a technological agency that focuses on designing and building innovative digital products for companies who want to leverage their market position with technology. Our main focus lies on emerging voice assistant platforms (like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant). We help our clients to better understand and fully use the potential in voice-related technologies.


We help brands discover how conversational AI can benefit them. We come up with ideas today, that seem obvious tomorrow.

Vixen Labs

Vixen Labs is one of the founding members of Voice2, The Voice First community. Voice2 provides research, content and community for the Voice and Conversational Ai Community - co-founded by James Poulter, CEO of Vixen Labs.


Vocala is a voice design and development agency. We create Alexa skills to capture your customers imagination and elevate your brand.

Voice Qube

Voice Qube is here to help you connect with your users with compassion, wit, sarcasm, humour, joy, and love. We will help you build a voice app that befriends one and all, and serves consistently with impeccable quality providing the best user experience.
VoiceQube is a leading voice technology startup that is working relentlessly to build Alexa skills, Google Home actions and Bixby applications for businesses across the globe.


VoiceSkillsInc is a team of Intelligent, Energetic, Friendly and Driven professionals. We provide quality work on time and on budget. Our team is a talented group comprised of Champions, Evangelists, and Leaders in the voice community – always striving to do our very best - for you and your brand. Let’s build the future!

Voiceter Pro

Voiceter Pro, Inc. is the conversational search company that brings businesses and consumers together through voice-driven interactions with Amazon's Alexa and Google’s Assistant. Voiceter Pro's real world, voice-powered skills are revolutionizing artificial intelligence-assisted searches in real estate and other markets.

VoiceX Labs

We build playful, but utilitarian voice experience for our clients and their consumers. We have product managers, software developers, script writers, and voice artists in our team. All are very crucial to build an engaging user experience. We educate our clients on the potential of voice platforms and brainstorm ways they can provide uniquely engaging experience through the voice platforms.


VoiceXP’s Voice Experience® platform and serves as an Authority of Record for creative and marketing agencies. Use our software to create, publish, and update your own Voice Website to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Samsung Bixby. We’ll also provide you with onboarding, a Voice Marketing Plan, and professional consultations to help you achieve your goals. Or consult with us to develop a custom Voice Experience® SaaS tailored for your specific business needs.


Creating high quality voice technology skills to help businesses and their clients achieve more
We reimagine voice technology for everyday business. No, we cannot create time, but we do create skills to help companies flourish. These skills will help companies better use the 24 hours they have each day. To put it simply we help businesses utilize virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home to make their workflows more efficient.


Voxable is an agency that designs & develops conversational interfaces – chatbots, Alexa Skills, Google Assistant apps, & more. Voxable will work with your company to create a customized, branded conversational interface to help your users make purchases, access support, market products, manage events, better engage with content, and more.

Voxly Digital

We are a full service software development agency that “gets what it takes” to build and deploy amazing voice experiences.


Go-to #VoiceFirst company for building custom onvoice apps & cloud based tools for businesses & brands to generate content for ambient computing devices.


VoyceFirst helps businesses add a voice interface to their applications and leverage the power of Voice and Amazon Alexa. Our experienced voice technology team can understand, design and develop Alexa Skills for your business needs.


Our developers can build and publish skills for Alexa using the Alexa Skills Kit. Once the developed skills are published, they are available across all Alexa-enabled devices.


WillowTree, Inc. is a mobile strategy, UX design, and app development services company whose focus is to bridge the highest level of consumer user experience with enterprise-grade deployments and security. Founded in 2008, WillowTree is an industry leader in field solutions, media delivery, loyalty programs, payments, and connected devices. We work with brands such as GE, Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, Regal Entertainment Group, American Express, and National Geographic who trust WillowTree to guide and execute their mobile and digital initiatives.


We are a McLean, Virginia based company focused on building products and solutions that make it easier for companies, organizations of all sizes to deliver Voice First experiences such as Alexa skills and Google Home actions quickly, with minimal effort and at minimal cost.


We believe that technology should be conversational, engaging, and creatively designed to better serve humanity. In order to bring joy to the use of everyday services, the line between art and technology must be blurred. Headquartered in Brooklyn with a team in San Francisco, Xandra has worked with some of the world’s largest entertainment brands including, AT&T, Nickelodeon, Amazon, Sesame Workshop, and HBO.


XAPPmedia enable brands and media to connect directly with consumers through interactive voice technologies.We provide a voice app platform that makes it simple for brands and media to deploy and maintain voice interactive experiences through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana. We harness voice, cloud and scalable serverless technologies to deliver a managed service for multi-assistant and multimodal voice apps from a single account and code base