Banking / Finance

The Voice of Money

The Voice of Money, taking place Tuesday, October 29, in the heart of New York City's financial district, is the first event to specifically examine the intersection between voice tech, AI, and money. All aspects of banking, modern finance, risk management, and cryptocurrency will be covered in a wide-ranging event centered around our societal transition to voice-first technology.

Opportunities for Financial Services

  • Increase Customer Engagement
  • Leverage Customer Insights
  • Enable Convenient Banking Services
  • Boost Loyalty Through Digital Channels
Personal Finance Use Cases
  • Ask for bank account balances, pending payments, or deposits
  • Request analysis of current financial health and leverage transaction data for predictive
  • insights to increase savings
  • Ask about transaction history and how to reallocate extra budget
  • Obtain information on category-focused spending and expenses
Wealth Management Use Cases
  • Inquire about their investment portfolio and how to optimize returns
  • Ask for stock updates and receive email or text alerts when a stock reaches a certain price
  • Receive updates on their 401(k) and find out how to rollover assets
  • Obtain market and stock performance data
Payments Use Cases
  • Schedule and make payments to providers and credit cards
  • Transfer money between accounts or deposit money
  • Send money to friends or family using payment applications like Zelle, PayPal, or Venmo
  • Ask about transaction history dashboard with information on future or outstanding bills
Lending Use Cases
  • Ask about the latest interest rates on mortgage loans and explore refinancing options
  • Obtain information on small business loans and how to get access to working capital
  • Ask about personal loans for major expenses or debt consolidation


Capital One Ask Capital One about your credit card, checking, savings, and auto loan accounts. Then try out our new feature, "How much did I spend?" to get quick answers on how much and where you are spending.
Bank of America Erica® helps make banking easier than ever. Erica is our new virtual financial assistant and is always available to answer your questions, help you stay on top of your finances and make everyday banking easier.
Educators Credit Union Manage your Educators Credit Union account with Alexa. Using your Amazon Alexa device, you can now check balances, transfer money, make loan payments, and much more. Educators Credit Union is proud to provide members with the most convenient ways to access their accounts, anytime, anywhere.
Best Innovation Group Thousands of new voice-first enabled devices will enter the market for years to come. To continue to attract new members, and retain existing ones, credit unions need to adopt voice-driven technology today or risk being left behind. A successful voice-first experience requires credit unions to integrate with technology already in use by members. The team at Best Innovation Group works extensively with emerging voice devices. Our experience with these technologies, paired with our deep knowledge of the unique needs of credit unions, allows us to offer the best member solutions.
PayPal Want to send or request money within the United States using only your voice? Now you can with the PayPal skill on Alexa. With the PayPal skill, we’re making it easier than ever to check your PayPal balance, and send or request money from friends using nothing more than your voice.


LendingTree Want to buy a home or refinance? Start with Alexa and LendingTree! Just answer a few questions, and in less than 3 minutes, Alexa can retrieve the best mortgage offer from LendingTree’s huge network of lenders, and send it right to your phone!
Rocket Mortgage With the Rocket Mortgage skill, managing any Quicken Loans mortgage has never been easier. Alexa can help you make payments, use our mortgage calculator, stay up to date on current rates and even connect with a Home Loan Expert to get a new mortgage! Once enabled, you can start using the skill, even if you don’t have a Rocket Mortgage account.


TD Ameritrade Stay updated on the markets, and after you link your TD Ameritrade account, get updates on your balances, positions, and more. The TD Ameritrade skill provides quotes for all U.S.-traded stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and major U.S. indices, which amounts to over 75,000 securities. Even without a TD Ameritrade account, you can use the skill to get quotes and information on upcoming events for a symbol. Plus, check out our new audio Daily Briefing feature, a 90 second recap on what’s happening in the markets today.
Motley Fool The Motley Fool brings its easy-to-understand approach to Alexa. Once you enable the skill, simply request Alexa to "Ask the Fool for Apple," for example, and you'll get the share price and today's performance (and check your mobile app to see more data like trading volume, P/E ratio, and price range). If there are stocks you follow regularly (and sorry, for now we just cover stocks), it's easy to create a watchlist by adding and removing companies. Then, once you've built your list, just say, "Ask the Fool how my stocks are doing," and Alexa will report the overall movement of your watchlist and the day's biggest mover and your complete watchlist can be viewed on your mobile app!. It's a simple way to track your investments.