Your Company Needs a Strategy for Voice Technology

What matters right now is for companies to test voice-first technology for themselves and begin to learn what works for their business and what doesn’t. Start by assigning an internal champion or hiring an external partner to develop a pilot voice experience for your organization. That initial experience can then be discussed internally, shared externally at conferences, and built upon for future growth. A good initial project might be to take aspects of your company’s website, or other individual components of your company’s branding, and build a voice experience around those before moving on to more vanguard uses of voice-first technology.
It won’t be long before every company will be expected to own and manage its own voice-first presence and capabilities, much like every company is expected to own and manage their web presence and capabilities. In fact, every time you see someone asking Siri to give them information, or someone asking Google Assistant for directions, you’ll realize that your customers are already way ahead of you.

Alexa for Business

Alexa for Business is a service that enables organizations and employees to use Alexa to get more work done. With Alexa for Business, employees can use Alexa as their intelligent assistant to be more productive in meeting rooms, at their desks, and even with the Alexa devices they already have at home.
  • Simplified Meeting Rooms
  • Voice Enabled Applications
  • More Productive Employees
  • Intuitive Management and Control

Alexa for Business Blueprints

Alexa private skills are voice-powered capabilities that enhance the Alexa experience while remaining private to members of an Alexa for Business organization. With Alexa for Business Blueprints, you don't need to write a single line of code to create a private skill for your workplace. Select one of dozens of easy-to-use Skill Blueprints, add information such as common questions and answers for your workplace, and publish the skill to Alexa for Business as a private skill.
While you can use a variety of Skill Blueprints available on the Alexa Skills Blueprints website, there are a few that are more business centric. You can supplement corporate communications with the Business Q&A and “news of the day” Flash Briefing blueprints. The Onboard Guide blueprint is optimized for location and how-to questions. An administrator, team leader, or HR staff member can use the Onboard Guide Blueprint to create an Alexa-powered reference guide so that new employees can say “Alexa, ask Team Guide, where’s the mailing center?” or “… how do I set up corporate email on my phone?”

Private Business Skills

If you want to integrate Alexa with your business applications and/or workflow, you can build a custom Alexa for Business private skill. Alexa private skills are voice-powered capabilities that enhance the Alexa experience while remaining private to members of an Alexa for Business organization. Using the Alexa Skills Kit, developers of any level can build custom Alexa skills. With Alexa for Business, you can make these skills available to devices and users, managed in your Alexa for Business account, without having to publish them in the public Alexa Skills Store.

Access Alexa for Business APIs

Alexa for Business offers additional APIs included in the AWS SDK/CLI which you can use to add context to skills, and automate integration or administrative tasks. For example, the ResolveRoom API provides device location to improve the voice interaction for users. Developers can use Alexa for Business APIs and SMAPI to auto-generate enrolled user invitations and Alexa for Business private skills that act as a voice front-end to interact with the platform.

Alexa in Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are common offenders for lost productivity. From finding an available room for your ad hoc meeting, interacting with the meeting room technology, or finding real time help when it all goes wrong, the experience can be frustrating and time consuming. Alexa for Business simplifies your meeting room experiences and let's you interact with your meeting rooms in the easiest and most natural way - by just using your voice. Alexa for Business works with your existing conferencing equipment and meeting solutions. Starting a meeting is as simple as saying “Alexa, join my meeting” and Alexa finds the upcoming meeting on the calendar, turns on the display, and connects you to the meeting. When you need a room for your ad hoc meeting or extend your booking, you can just say “Alexa, book this room for 30 minutes” or “Alexa, extend my meeting by 15 minutes”.

Alexa for Employees

With Alexa for Business, you can invite your employees to be part of your Alexa for Business organization. Once enrolled, employees can use the Alexa enabled devices they already have at home to join meetings, schedule 1:1 meetings, and access corporate applications just by using their voice. Employees can also put Alexa devices at their desk in the office. Alexa for Business improves employee productivity by providing them a more intuitive way to access corporate applications and services.


SurveyLine allows you to quickly and easily create a voice survey and announce it to your audience. Participants take your survey BY VOICE, using Alexa and Google Assistant / Google Home.


Buildlingo℠ enables you to easily create and maintain an Amazon Alexa skill or Google Assistant action that is focused on helping your customers quickly get answers to questions about your products and services.

Jetson AI

Create a voice-first marketplace in minutes with Jetson™ and easily start selling to the millions already using Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and more. Jetson partners with enterprise companies to provide licensing and integration of our voice-first AI tools into your existing operations. We are able to provide a full end-to-end integration, hybrid integration, or simply provide our micro service API and voice-first reference designs to your development team.


Voicea is the voice collaboration platform that enables you to Turn Talk Into Action with EVA, the enterprise voice assistant. Voicea is focused on voice collaboration technology leveraging the power of AI. Our team is comprised of industry experts from leading global technology companies who enjoy the challenge of solving difficult problems. Find out more about us below.