Voice of Education Summit

The Voice of Education Summit is the first conference to specifically examine the intersection of voice-first technology (e.g. Amazon's Alexa, Google's Assistant, Apple's Siri, Samsung's Bixby, and many others) and modern education: K-12, higher education, and continuous professional learning.

Alexa for Education

Voice technology is a natural way for students to interact with their education. With Amazon Alexa, students worldwide are getting more from their educational experience by simplifying how they get information and stay organized. Institutions can personalize campus life by building a private skill, giving students daily flash briefings and helping them quickly find campus information. EdTechs and learning companies can reach students where they live and study with access to coursework, study prep, or financial aid information.


AskMyClass AskMyClass helps busy K-5 teachers respond to the social-emotional needs of students in real-time. AskMyClass was built with teachers for teachers from a community of educators across 35 states. When you join as a member, you’ll join a teacher community at the forefront of bringing 21st century skills to their students in artificial intelligence (AI) and voice technology.
Bamboo Learning Bamboo Learning is an education software and services company with a mission to teach using voice-based devices. Bamboo Learning develops skills for Alexa that are fun and help people learn and practice different subjects through listening and using their voice.
Pretzel Labs Pretzel Labs is an award winning voice interactions studios, founded by Alexa champion Adva Levin in 2017. In a screen-dominated world, we believe voice interactions help kids grow more active, curious and imaginative. Playing games on voice assistants provides an inclusive experience for everyone, and brings real magic into family time.
Matchbox We’ve developed some of the most popular and highest rated voice-controlled games on Amazon Alexa, including Question of the Day and Kids Quiz. We create interesting, interactive experiences for users and help them learn more about the world. Our team of experts have spent their careers in Data Science and Education innovation, designing meaningful experiences while analyzing trends, learning from consumers, and providing vision for the future.
Novel Effect Novel Effect is a free, award-winning app that brings your books to life with music, sound effects, and character voices — custom-made to celebrate the tone of each story. As you read aloud, Novel Effect follows the sound of your voice and responds at just the right moment. Skip pages, pause to talk about the illustrations, or re-read your favorite parts and the app will keep up with you wherever you are in the book. Add an interactive, screen-free dimension to hundreds of kids books you know and love. Perfect for bedtime, in the classroom and library, or wherever story time takes you!
Earplay At Earplay, our mission is to nurture the exciting new medium of interactive audio storytelling on all platforms for a universal eyes-free, hands-free story experience of high quality voice acting, sound effects, and music. With our interactive audio technology you can play stories with your voice, on mobile devices, in the car, and throughout the connected home.
1-2-3 Math 1-2-3 Math is a math challenge which tests your elementary mathematics skills, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, comparison, etc. There are three modes easy, medium and hard with increasing levels of difficulty. We store the state of your game throughout the day. So, if you can't answer the question within the allotted time, you can always come back when you are ready and continue from where you left off.
Teach Me Tables "Teach me Tables" helps kids learn and memorize math tables in a new, interactive, visually appealing and fun way. It starts out by asking which table kids like to learn. It then displays and recites the first five items from that table. It will ask the user to memorize them and once they are ready, it tests their memory with a short quiz. It congratulates kids using funny voices when they get it right, and when they get it wrong, it makes funny sounds and tells them the correct answer.
EchoDad EchoDad and his kids Kermit and Bear review #Alexa skills and what's happening in the voice space.
Aariv Modi Aariv is a 5th grader who loves Alexa. He enjoys chess, and he played his first tournament when he was in kindergarten. He is an avid reader who spends every moment of his spare time reading.

Special Needs

Autism Help Autism Help is designed for parents and caregivers who are busy and overwhelmed, to use the convenience of Amazon's Echo device to teach functional, social and verbal skills. You will be offered skills to work on, with each step of that skill provided. You can work on multiple areas at a time, and Alexa will track your progress. There's applause to reward children as they complete each step, and music to ease the stress of completing a step.
Qball Our mission is to empower teachers to revolutionize and manage the classroom by incorporating smart classroom products. We designed these products to be set up and used by YOU, the teacher. We are here solely to enhance your teacher awesomeness! Because we know that the best payment is seeing a student succeed, and that is why we love you.
"7 year old Emerson was born profoundly deaf, but with the help of bi-lateral cochlear implants, you would be hard pressed to notice. However, even this technology has its limitations when it comes to hearing many of her soft-spoken peers in the classroom...until now."


Frontline Education The Frontline Education Alexa Skill is a quick and easy way to access Frontline Absence & Time, Frontline Central, and PLM/EEM portal using simple voice commands. We’re adding new features all the time, so check back often!
Bolton College This skill is designed to support every day questions and queries from staff and students at Bolton College. Connected to our Ada chatbot, it allows students and staff to get real-time information about your studies or support around campus.
OU Directory This skill provides quick access to some of the most frequently used phone numbers at the University of Oklahoma. Whether you would like to contact HR or Records, this skill will provide you with the most up to date phone number available for that service.


Make Me Smart The world moves fast. Make Me Smart from Marketplace™ helps you keep up. Marketplace hosts Kai Ryssdal and Molly Wood tell you what you need to know about the economy, pop culture, tech and current events in this daily skill. All you have to do is say: “Alexa, make me smart!” and we’ll tell you what you need to know – and why it matters.
MedFlashGo MedFlashGo is the first interactive voice-based question bank for medical students studying for boards and shelf exams. It works through the Amazon Alexa platform to create an amazing question and answer experience.
ABFM Board Review Quiz yourself and prepare for the Family Medicine Board Exam. This app includes almost 700 questions from the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) 2013-2015 In-Service Training Exams. It asks random questions, keeps track of your score during each quiz, and offers explains for each question.


Voice in Education A weekly podcast that gives educators tips and resources to use voice first in classrooms in ways that will benefit student learning but keep student privacy in consideration.