Voice of Healthcare Summit

Named after the popular show The Voice of Healthcare, The Voice of Healthcare Summit will bring together 500 healthcare executives, practitioners, and technologists for two important days.
Voice-activated intelligent assistants from mainstream companies such as Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Google, and Microsoft are growing in popularity. As consumers become more accustomed to using voice assistants for search, healthcare services will naturally become integrated into that behavior. As a result, voice is poised to revolutionize health care for both patients and providers alike.

Alexa for Healthcare

We’re excited to announce that the Alexa Skills Kit now enables select Covered Entities and their Business Associates, subject to the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), to build Alexa skills that transmit and receive protected health information as part of an invite-only program. Six new Alexa healthcare skills from industry-leading healthcare providers, payors, pharmacy benefit managers, and digital health coaching companies are now operating in our HIPAA-eligible environment. In the future, we expect to enable additional developers to take advantage of this capability
Amazon Announces 6 New HIPAA Compliant Alexa Skills

Opportunities for Pharma and Health Care Companies

  • Medication Adherence
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Sales Representative Training
  • Access to Health Records
Patient Use Cases
  • Adherence
  • Condition Assessments
  • Clinical Trial Interactions
  • Symptom Research
  • Care Management
Health Care Provider Use Cases
  • Medical Education
  • Prescription Sample Requests
  • Pharma Rep Scheduling
  • Latest Reports and Briefings
  • Insurance Navigator
Employee Use Cases
  • New Representative Training
  • Prescription Sample Requests
  • Latest Reports and Briefings
  • Log HCP Visits

The Societal Benefits of Smart Speakers

In their own small ways, these voice-enabled assistants are bringing people together, making people more independent, and even getting us look up from our phones.
  • Community
  • Independence
  • Companionship


Seniors often suffer from loneliness, isolation, and depression, and smart speakers have demonstrated effectiveness in counteracting this within nursing homes and senior living facilities.
LifePod LifePod’s mission is to help professional and family caregivers to monitor and support those in need of care in their homes using state-of-the-art, 2-way voice interfaces. Our Virtual Caregiver services and solutions help families to care for their loved ones without being there in person and healthcare organizations to caring for their patients in their homes, providing caregivers with greater peace of mind and care recipients with ongoing support, increased independence and better health outcomes.
Ask Marvee We design strategies and voice experiences that bring family, brands and community together. Building voice experiences across diverse segments, we are recognized experts for engaging the older adult audience, from the athletic to the care assisted. We combine market knowledge with deep expertise in emerging tech, UX, writing and design to craft premium voice experiences for health, wellness, finance or fun.
My Children’s Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Parents and caregivers of children enrolled in Boston Children’s Hospital’s ERAS program can send updates to their care teams on recovery progress. Care teams can also send information on post-op appointments and pre- and post-op guidance. Initially, the skill is being used in relation to cardiac surgery patients, although the program will be expanded in the near future.


Mayo Clinic First Aid The Mayo Clinic First Aid skill provides you with self-care instructions for dozens of everyday mishaps and other situations and provides quick, hands-free answers from a trusted source.
WebMD WebMD has the answers to your health questions. Worried about side effects before taking a drug? Ask WebMD “What are the side effects of…” and get a fast, detailed answer. Want to know about a particular health condition? Ask WebMD “What is…” or say “Tell me about…” to get an easy-to-understand description. You can also ask about symptoms, treatments, and causes for conditions, definitions of medical terms and tests, and even diet information.
Triad Health AI Triad Health AI has created a voice-first solution to help Parkinson’s patients with their exercise regimens.
Breast Cancer Care Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. The lifetime risk of a woman developing breast cancer is 1 in 8. So it's vital to check your breasts regularly for signs and symptoms of breast cancer. This tool guides you through what changes and signs to look for.
Livongo Blood Sugar Lookup Participants in Livongo’s Diabetes Program can query their latest blood sugar reading from their device, check blood sugar monitoring trends such as their weekly average reading, and receive personalized health tips through their Alexa device.
Voice PT A voice-first software system that increases home exercise program adherence and improves post-surgery recovery outcomes.

Hospitals / Doctors

Orbita Orbita is the enterprise platform for voice and conversational AI, for creating healthcare virtual assistants, deployed across smart speakers, mobile apps, analog phones, and web chatbots. Orbita serves many of today’s leading digital health innovators, including Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Mayo Clinic, Amgen and Merck.
Transform9 Transform9 has built the first specialty-specific, automated, conversational voice bot virtual assistant for physician practices that lets patients communicate how and when they want - using the same conversational engine as Amazon Alexa so patients can have natural, empathetic conversations. The voice bot can handle instantaneous surges in call volume, book appointments accurately in the practice’s EHR/EMR, and answer questions or transfer the patient to the right person who can.
Aiva Health Aiva Health is an LA-based, venture-backed start-up that went through Cedars-Sinai Accelerator Powered by Techstars and launched earlier this year. Aiva uses voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to improve caregiving for providers as well as patients and elders.
CardioCube Every patient would love to have his own, personal doctor at home. CardioCube voice-based AI software is an everyday assistant to help manage your heart disease. Talking to CardioCube is like talking to your best friend and cardiologist in the same time. And your doctor in the hospital gets medical insights for better and faster decisions.
Vanderbilt EHR Voice Assistant (VEVA) Vanderbilt University Medical Center has developed a voice user interface (VUI) prototype for the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Using natural language processing, the Vanderbilt EHR Voice Assistant (VEVA) accepts voice request inputs, translates voice into text, and then uses natural language understanding to map the text to intents and synthesize results. VEVA returns results to the user as voice replies, textual information, and graphical data representations.
Atrium Health Atrium Health’s new Alexa skill allows patients to find urgent care locations near them and schedule same-day appointments, find out about opening hours, and current waiting times.
Swedish Health Connect Providence St. Joseph Health has created an Alexa skill that allows patients to find Swedish Express Care Clinics in their vicinity and schedule same day appointments at 37 of its locations on the west coast.


Express Scripts Members of the Express Scripts pharmacy services organization can check the status of a home delivery prescription and can ask Alexa to send notifications when prescriptions have been shipped and when they arrive at their door.


Cigna Health Today Employees who have been enrolled in a Cigna health plan can use this Alexa skill to check wellness program goals, receive health tips, and access further information on rewards.


Who has the most to gain from voice assistants? Vision or physical impairments make completing everyday tasks more challenging. Voice assistants are making important steps towards more accessible UIs, from placing phone calls and texting caretakers to unlocking front doors to ordering groceries. Voice is able to empower individuals through connected home devices to speak commands and automate their home, which is now no longer a luxury.
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