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Voice of Hospitality Summit

The Voice of Hospitality Summit is the first event to specifically focus on voice tech (e.g. Amazon's Alexa, Google's Assistant, Apple's Siri, Samsung's Bixby, and others) within modern hospitality: restaurants, hotels, travel and beyond. Executives, marketers, developers, and strategists working within hospitality will be there from across the world.ill take place.

Alexa for Hospitality

Your guests want hospitality experiences that are personalized, and memorable. Alexa for Hospitality helps you deliver those immersive experiences, so you can delight your guests, and improve your teams’ productivity.
Alexa for Hospitality integrates seamlessly with your existing amenities and services, to become your guests’ virtual concierge. Alexa simplifies tasks for guests like playing music, ordering towels, controlling in-room temperature or lighting, finding local restaurants and attractions, calling, and even checking out.


Amazon teams with Marriott to put Alexa in hotels
AskRedRoof Are you traveling? Want to know where to go? What to bring with you? Questions about your stay? Ask Red Roof! Our Alexa skill works with any Alexa enabled device and allows you to ask Red Roof questions about Red Roof and the travel experience. Want to know why you sign up for RediCard? Ask Red Roof. What is Red Roof's pet policy? Ask Red Roof. !
Seaport Hotel Located in the Seaport District, one of Boston's most vibrant and growing neighborhoods, the award-winning Seaport Hotel is a refuge in the heart of the city. Overlooking Boston Harbor and backed by beautiful city and water views, Seaport is the ideal location for business or family-friendly escapes, with easy access to Logan Airport, the financial district and all major Boston attractions. The hotel's residential style décor makes you feel at home, and an onsite bar, free Wi-Fi and complimentary access to one of the city's finest health clubs elevates your stay. And we're one of the greenest hotels in North America.
Virtual Concierge Service You can now deliver a stand out service for your guests - a virtual concierge. Put an Echo, Dot, or Google Home, or Mini in your vacation rental, and Alexa or Google will provide expert local knowledge in an interactive voice conversation. You can also deliver the same experience directly from your guests' phone.
The Front Desk Using The Front Desk hotel guests can request hotel amenities like towels, order food from Room Service or find out the location and hours of the hotel fitness center. Rather than calling the hotel switchboard ask The Front Desk on Alexa for what you need.


Expedia Looking for your next adventure? Ask the Expedia skill questions about your next destination before you make any reservations. You can also get a packing list.
KAYAK With the KAYAK skill on Alexa, you can track flights, discover new destinations and jump-start your travel planning. Even better, we’ve made it possible for you to book hotels* with the power of your voice (heck yeah). Check prices on flights, hotels and rental cars with the KAYAK skill. Receive real-time flight status updates on command through KAYAK's Flight Tracker. Travel is (literally) at your command.
My ETA My ETA skill is your interface for obtaining high accuracy drive-time in current traffic or any future departure time for your defined destinations.


Lyft Need a lift? With the Lyft skill for Alexa, you can request a ride and get picked up in minutes from the home address set in your Lyft account. If you've set a work address, your weekday commute can be a breeze, too. Instead of hailing a cab or waiting for the bus, just request a car with your voice. Lyft is cheaper than a taxi, faster than the bus, and easy to use.
Uber Get a reliable ride in minutes with the Uber skill. Simply say “Alexa ask Uber for a ride” and an UberX will be there in minutes. If you would like a different car type, you can say things like "Alexa, ask Uber to order an Uber Black." From low-cost to premium, every ride option feels like an upgrade to the everyday.You can also change your default pickup location, ask for a ride status, or cancel your ride.
CarRentals Book a rental car in minutes with the CarRentals skill. Just say "Alexa, open car rentals". And then tell Alexa where and when you want the rental car. Alexa would tell you the different car categories that are available, i.e. Economy Cars. Pick a car category and Alexa would tell you 5 available cars in the category with the lowest price. Pick the car number and Alexa would book your car for you.
Avis With this skill, you can book your preferred car at any of our Avis Locations.* Just tell Alexa where you want to pickup, when you want to pick-up and when you want to drop-off your car. And within seconds, Avis will have a reservation booked for you and we will also send you an email with the details.