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Introduction to Alexa

Learn how to build and host your own Alexa Skill. With a comprehensive understanding of the process for developing a custom Alexa skill, you’ll be prepared to publish your own program and work with other Voice User Interface (VUI) applications.

Conversational Design with Alexa

Learn advanced techniques to build more conversational Alexa skills. In this course, you will learn how to build conversational Alexa skills using a number of tools, including entity resolution and dialog management.

Learn to Build an Alexa Skill

Alexa is a voice service from Amazon that powers devices like the Amazon Echo and Amazon Tap. With no programming experience necessary, we’ll teach you how to create your very own custom skill for Alexa!

Designing for Conversation

Follow along as we dive into the design methods we recommend you use to develop engaging conversational voice user interfaces (VUI). In this course you'll follow the process we used to design “The Foodie” skill for Alexa — imagining and analyzing user interactions through a series of exercises aimed at exposing and designing around the nuances of human conversation.

Alexa Devs

This new series from ACG Technical will teach you everything you need to know to make fun and engaging skills for the Amazon Echo. Follow along, do these projects yourself, and make a killer audio- and video-enhanced quiz skill complete with a Leaderboard that stores player scores in DynamoDB.

Designing for Voice (Alexa)

The Designing for Voice (Alexa) course is our newest and most exciting course to date. You will gain a holistic understanding of voice user interface best practices and will learn how to code, publish and maintain an Alexa skill. You will have all the skills needed to incorporate industry leading voice experiences to your products and examples to showcase in your portfolio.

Developing Alexa Skills for Amazon Echo

In this course, you'll learn the foundations of developing voice-enabled apps for Amazon Echo, and build your own custom Alexa Skill in C# and ASP.NET Web API.

Voice User Interface Design

Built in collaboration with Amazon Alexa, our Voice User Interface Design Course teaches you everything you need to know about designing for voice. You’ll gain a solid understanding of key voice design principles while building three Amazon Alexa skills from scratch. Become the go-to person for voice design and set yourself apart as a pioneer in your field.

Conversational Academy

Join our academy and learn to design conversations that are helpful, natural and persuasive. You can even earn an official certificate, recognized by the major conversational platforms.

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