Almond is the open virtual assistant that you can access through your phone and the web. It helps you configure your devices, accounts, and public services, retrieve data from them, and execute actions on them. It also lets you share your data with your friends and families easily. Oh, by the way, it's open source and it protects your privacy!


Almond builds on top of Thingpedia, an encyclopedia of applications for the Internet services and IoT devices. Just like how Wikipedia stores knowledge about the world, Thingpedia stores knowledge about devices in the world. Wikipedia is organized around articles; Thingpedia is organized around devices, such as Twitter, a light bulb, or a thermostat. It creates an interoperable web of devices and let users connect them in natural language.


Almond is a programmable virtual assistant, that is, every command that the user issues is translated into a programming language, called ThingTalk and then executed. ThingTalk is a declarative domain-specific language we specifically developed for the Internet of Things. It provides a higher level abstraction for connecting things, while hiding the details of configuration and networking.

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